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Now it pays to be financially wise for life.

Play Zogo to learn financial literacy and earn gift card rewards from your favorite brands. Reward yourself!


Up your financial literacy game.

As part of our commitment to your financial well-being, we've partnered with Zogo, a mobile app that teaches you financial literacy, and rewards you for doing so!

Just download the app, play through the short modules, and earn $5, $10, $15 gift cards from your favorite brands.

Earn while you learn - from opening an account to saving for retirement, and everything in between!


Here's How It Works.

  • Download Zogo and enter access code GRCCU
  • Level up your financial skills
  • Collect pineapples and redeem for gift cards
  • Plus, compete in daily trivia to test your knowledge 
    for bonus pineapple opportunities

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