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Kid's Club & Student Savers

Being a kid is a lot of fun.  You get to experience all kinds of new things in life.  Start saving today for all those exciting things in life that are yet to come!


Kid's Club

Calling all kids age 0 - 10!  You can belong to our cool Kids Club when you join GR Consumers Credit Union! Ask Mom and Dad to help you get you started today!

As a member of the Kids Club at GR Consumers Credit Union, you can learn the importance of saving in a fun way! Members of the Kids Club receive the following items:

  • A FREE gift when you open your account
  • A savings passbook to watch your money grow!
  • A punch card to earn prizes.

Joining is FREE, easy, and fun!

Student Savers

Our Student Savers club is for kids age 11 - 15.  Save for your next purchase and earn some cash bonuses along the way!   Because we know learning to save is so important, we will help you reach your goal.  Stop in to open an account and start saving today!   

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