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Paperwork is part of life.

As much as we try to streamline the process, sometimes we need your signature or some documentation from you.  You will find many of those documents below.  Click on the desired document name to get started.

Frequently Used Forms and Documents

Below are some documents that are frequently requested by our members.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Forms and Documents for Member Use

  • Direct Deposit - Downloand a Direct Deposit Form here.

    Automatically deposit your check into your savings or checking account.  Our Routing Number is 272486164.  Common 3-digit suffixes:  Savings - 000; Checking - 003; Holiday Club - 009.  Verify your account number and suffixes via your online banking account, your monthly statement or call us at 616-538-2810.
  • Travel Notice - Click here to notify us of your travel plans.

    Going out of town?  Taking a vacation?  Please notify us of your plans.  We will tag your Debit and/or Credit Cards to be sure you won't run into any trouble using them while you are away
  • Wire Transfer - Click here for Incoming Wire Instructions

    A wire transfer is a method of transferring money from one financial institution to another.  GRCCU processes both incoming and outgoing domestic wire transfer requests for our members.  Contact us during normal business hours if you wish to send a wire out of your account.
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