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Lost/Stolen Cards

If you believe your VISA Credit Card or your Debit/ATM Card has been lost or stolen, it is important to act quickly.  Use the telephone numbers below to report your card as lost or stolen. 

Card alerts are a great way to monitor your cards.  Receive alerts when your card has been used without you being present, when your card has been used over an amount that you set, or when purchases have been declined.  Use the links below to manage your alert preferences.

Important Numbers and Links

VISA Credit Cards

Debit/ATM Cards

1-800-449-7728 - Lost/Stolen Cards 1-855-710-3061 - Lost or Stolen Cards
1-866-820-6790 - Customer Service 1-866-985-2273 - PIN Change
1-727-299-2449 - Out of the Country collect call 1-727-227-2447 - Out of the Country collect call
Sign up/Manage VISA Credit Card Alerts here. Sign up/Manage Debit Card Alerts here.
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