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Why Do We Use The Word Join?

A credit union is a financial cooperative which means people joined together to bank at a better price, with less fees, and better rates.  When you open an account at GRCCU, you become a member or part owner rather than a customer.   We provide the same services as a bank - we just do it at a lower cost to you.  Click here to learn more about the differences between a credit union and a bank.

How to Join GRCCU

Joining is easy! 

All of our accounts start with a $5.00 deposit into a savings account.  This begins your membership with GRCCU. Now you can begin using all our banking services.

(Valid ID with current address required to open account.  Social security number required.)


To open an account:

Apply online (click here

Call 844-538-3325

Visit a branch near you              

3975 Clay Ave SW, Wyoming, MI  49548     17010 Croswell St, West Olive, MI  49460



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