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Why Do We Use The Word Join?

A credit union is a financial cooperative which means people joined together to bank at a better price, with less fees, and better rates.  When you open an account at GRCCU, you become a member or part owner rather than a customer.   We provide the same services as a bank - we just do it at a lower cost to you.  Click here to learn more about the differences between a credit union and a bank.

How to Join GRCCU

Joining is easy!  All of our accounts start with a $5.00 deposit into a savings account.  This begins your membership with GRCCU. Now you can begin using all our banking services.


To open an account:

  • Apply online (click here

  • Call 844-538-3325

  • Visit a branch near you

    • 3975 Clay Ave SW, Wyoming, MI  49548
    • 17010 Croswell St, West Olive, MI  49460
(Valid ID with current address required to open account.  Social security number required.)
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